Friday, September 30, 2011

Leftovers Pizza

A delightfully easy and gratifying dinner for the lazy or tired.

1. Use your favorite kind of frozen pizza (cheese for me!)

2. Put stuff on it.  (I used the leftover sauteed veggies from last night's Lasagna Cupcakes and the leftover Miscellaneous Cheese Mixture from the night I made Cacio e Pepe, Herbed Feta Cherry Tomatoes, and slightly failed Parmesan Crisps (all of which I made in my pre-blog days, so now I'll have the joy of making them again!)

3. Cook according to the box directions.

4. Drink water and play with your cat(s) while you wait.

You end up with something slightly less unhealthy than you started with.

Mojo had a sardine, 1/2 can of his prescription food, and later managed to nab one of his favorite plunders - pizza crust.  He seems to covet pizza and pizza crust more than other foods.  He goes apeshit for just about anything I make in the kitchen, but really he seems to like pizza as much as I do.

Once my roommate said to me: "Megan, I think you really ought to feed your cat more.  Last night, I set a pizza out on the counter, with the box completely closed, and I went into the bathroom for like 30 seconds...."

By this point I knew exactly how the story ended.  "...and?"  I prompted with a knowing smile in my eyes.

"I came out and he was running across the room with a piece of pizza in his mouth!"

Well duh.

For the record, he didn't turn out to be such a freak because of me.  I got him when he was about 6 years old, from my landlord.  He had been raised on that property from birth, as a slightly feral outdoor cat.  The runt of his litter, his mother was also too young to care properly for her kittens.  Therefore, Mojo developed a 'scarcity mentality' about life. Even after he has just eaten more than a mouse-sized portion of food, ("doesn't he get sick when you feed him that much?" asked another friend upon seeing his dinner portions) if I am start to prepare food of any kind, he yowls and meows like he's trying to win a Plaintive Award.

I feed him plenty, but it's hard-wired into his kitty brain to never pass up an opportunity to eat.

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