Thursday, October 20, 2011

Carrot Pita Pizza Quesedillas

I haven't cooked anything since last Thursday when I made Spanish Rice Casserole because 1. there was so much of it that's pretty much what I had to eat for lunch and dinner for 5 days in a row, 2. since I had a major flu last week I was behind on errands and I spent my one day off this weekend doing four loads laundry instead of the mountain of dishes and in order to cook anything and take pictures for the blog, I would have had to have done all the dishes first and I was too tired to do them, and 3. Mojo ate half a Tylenol on Tuesday night and went to the emergency vet so I was up late crying on Tuesday, exhausted on Wednesday, and he is back at home Occupying my lap tonight so I can't get up.

But I'm getting tired of only having the posts I have currently posted, so here's a retroactive post from something I made this summer with the beautiful and delicious orange and yellow carrots I grew in my garden...

Carrot Pita Pizza Quesedillas!

You can make Pita Pizzas with any toppings you'd like.  My imperative was creative uses for my delicious beautiful carrots.  And I only made it into a quesedilla because it made the whole thing so much more fun to say. 

Ingredients (for one serving):
One pita, torn in half (carefully) (I used a thin whole wheat variety but the puffy white variety might be very yummy for this too)
Pasta sauce (I probably used Sockarooni)
Mozzarella Cheese
Shredded Carrots
Fresh tomatoes (diced)

1. Spread pasta sauce on the 2 pita halves.
2. Cover with a little bit of mozzarella.
3. Cover with a generous portion of shredded carrots.
4. Cover with a little more mozzarella.

5. Bake in the oven (350 probably) for a little while until the cheese is melty (you can broil it a little too).
6. Put the 2 halves together topping sides together to make the "quesedilla"

Mine had a whole in it because I got impatient while I was tearing apart the pita halves.

Post-Bliss Ruminations:
I will grow carrots every year for the rest of my life just so I can make these pita pizzas again and again and again and again.  Store-bought carrots are probably not worth it for this meal - they need to be fresh and bursting with flavor, otherwise this meal might be a little gross, or just kind of bland.  Ones from a Farmers Market might do it, but really the best ones are the ones from your garden!  I never knew carrots could taste so good!

I love to use shredded carrots in my cooking because it adds color, and the carrots get soft and unobtrusive and blend in easily with the other flavors, and I'd like to think it adds extra nutrients.

Bonus Pictures:
Mojo will eat a lot of things that a lot of cats don't eat, like blankets, plastic bags, tee-shirts, spiders, moths, wasps, and towels, but he also loves food.  Pizza seems to be his favorite, but he will eat broccoli if it has dressing on it, and lettuce.  I found out about his lettuce-eating the same way I found out about all his pica-esque habits - by accident.  I tore the hard lettuce spines away from the leaves, and tossed them in the sink.  Turn away for a few minutes and hear the strangest sound in the world.  Mojo's in the sink crunching on lettuce.  Of all the things he eats, this is the funniest.

Given his proclivities, I'm surprised that I was surprised when he also seemed to like carrots:

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